The Importance of Buying Good Quality Tyres

As a biker, I know the importance of buying good quality tyres especially since I only have two between me and the road. I live in the United Kingdom near a city called Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. Finding tyres locally is fairly easy with many tyre stockists available, including BD Tyres Wolverhampton which is where I purchased mine from at a reasonable price.

Myself personally I try to avoid part worn tyres and usually stick to brand new tyres from reputable manufacturers such as Goodyear and Bridgestone. My bike doesn’t get as much use as I would like, weekends are the only time I have to use it. Work transportation is taken care of by an 8-year-old Ford Focus Diesel, boring, but it does the job.

Most reputable suppliers will be able to source motorbike tyres relatively easily and also provide a comprehensive fitting service which usually includes disposal of the old rubber. So basically drive in and drive out with a brand new set of tyres ready for the open road.

A few quick tips on what to look out for when buying motorbike tyres are listed below:

  • Width – This is the first number listed in millimetres measuring the size from one sidewall to the other.
  • Aspect ratio – This gives the height as a percentage of the width. For example is the second number is 60 this means the tyre’s height is 60% of the width.
  • Wheel diameter – The last number in the code depicting the diameter of the wheel in inches. In rare cases on old tyres this can be in millimetres.
  • Match the tyre to the bike – You need to decide which tyre is best-suited to your bike and riding style. For example if you own a dirt-bike then choosing off-road knobby tyres will be correct fitment.

As tyres are one of the most important components of your bike, take your time when choosing them and use the advice shown above to choose the correct size of tyre. The easiest way to purchase new tyres is to buy what you already have as long as you are happy with them.


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